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H-Boat Sails

UK Sailmakers’ H-Boat sails have a very successful history, and are a top choice in many countries around the world for local events and the international stage alike.

H-Boat Sails

Originally designed and launched in 1967 by Hans Groop, the H-Boat is one of the largest sailboat one-design classes in the world.


Premium Dacron mainsails and jibs, with battens, windows and telltales. Spinnakers are available in a variety of nylon colors to suit your personal style.

H Boat UK Sailmakers

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Enhance your H-Boat sailing experience with precision-crafted one-design sails from UK Sailmakers! We specialize in providing sails that perfectly align with your H-Boat One Design specifications and your unique sailing style.

Our experts understand the nuances of one-design sailing and are dedicated to ensuring you get sails that offer superior performance and durability, tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities of your local sailing conditions.

Don’t settle for just any sail; choose a sail that transforms your H-Boat experience. Reach out to UK Sailmakers today – send us an email or give us a call, and let’s equip your H-Boat with sails that are a cut above the rest, designed to help you achieve your sailing best!”

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