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UK Sailmakers South Africa

UK Sailmakers South Africa is the latest addition to the UK Sailmakers International group. Formerly known as CMSails, this independent loft has long been an established sailmaker in Durban, South Africa.

CMSails is a boutique sail production loft renowned for crafting high-quality sails. Their expert team, boasting over 85 collective years of industry experience, takes pride in creating sails with integrity. The loft places emphasis on quality, ethical business practices, and fostering customer relationships above all else.

UK Sailmakers is excited to welcome such a proficient team into their global network of exceptional lofts. The alignment of values and expertise makes this partnership truly promising. UK Sailmakers South Africa is ready to cater to their customers’ racing, cruising, and one-design sail requirements, backed by the comprehensive support of the UK Sailmakers group.

Loft Hours

Monday–Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Contact information

UK Sailmakers South Africa
Unit 20, 45-47 Livingstone Road, Pinetown,
Durban, 3610 KZN, South Africa
Phone: + 27 (0) 31 701-3064
Email: southafrica@uksailmakers.com

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About the Owner: Craig Millar

Craig Millar founded CMSails in January 2018. His efforts were joined by a production team with whom he had worked for ten years, craftsmen and women, who have an outstanding reputation in the industry for building the highest quality sails.

He brings extensive sailing experience as a successful South African Yachtsman, encompassing both cruising and achievements as a round-the-world yacht racing skipper. Craig’s experience and insights significantly contribute to the high-quality sail manufacturing process at his loft. Beyond sailing, Craig’s successful ventures span diverse industries, including aluminum and entertainment businesses. Notably, he co-founded the Sail Africa Youth Development Foundation alongside his wife, Taryn.

Craig is thrilled to connect with a global network of lofts and bring his perspectives and ideas to the table as part of the UK Sailmakers International group.

Craig Millar

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