Roller Furling Genoa

Roller Furling Genoas are the workhorses for experienced cruising sailors. They are designed to be the one headsail that can do it all daysailers, coastal cruisers and ocean voyagers. Also named the Passagemaker Genoa, these sails incorporate all the features that cruising sailors look for in a headsail: padded luff, reef reinforcing patches, and UV leech and foot covers for roller furling. 

A UK Sailmakers Roller Furling Genoa on the Oyster 575 LISANNE

A UK Sailmakers Roller Furling Genoa on the Oyster 575 LISANNE

Roller Furling Genoas Make Sailing Easy

The beauty of a furling Genoa is that it can be rolled around the headstay at the end of the day by just pulling on the furling line. There is not need to lower, fold and bag the sail. If it is too windy and the boat heels uncomfortably, reef the sail by rolling it around the headstay a few times.


An option with X-Drive® and Titanium sails is to add fibers aft of the luff and parallel to the luff that run between the reef patches. This way the optional fibers carry the new luff loads of the reefed sail. Show is an X-Drive® Genoa on an Italia 12.98. The load path fibers are Carbon and the base laminate has a white taffeta.

The features that make up UK Sailmakers’ roller furling Genoa are:

Foam Luff: The crescent-shaped foam luff is designed to help the Passagemaker retain good sail shape while reefed. 

Reef Reinforcements: Reinforcing reef patches are installed on the leech and foot to distribute the loads at the points where the new head and tack are located.  The reef reinforcements help to eliminate distortion and wear that can occur after repeated reefing.

Furling Covers: As a standard feature on Passagemaker headsails, we install leech and foot covers sewn to the sail. UK Sailmakers uses woven materials like Sunbrella and Weathermax.

Roller furling features can be added to sails made with any of our construction methods: Titanium, X-Drive, Radial, or Dacron.

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Top is a Titanium roller furling Genoa with a grey UV cover and Above is a Dufour 52 with Titanium roller furling Genoa.

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