Two Companies Dedicated to Quality Boats and Sails

Cut from the same bolt of cloth.

While the global market for recreational marine products may seem pretty large…sometimes it really isn’t. Here’s a story about two companies that have been working together for over 50 years to bring their customers quality, performance cruising boats and sails: Sweden’s Linjett Yachts and UK Sailmakers Sweden.

Linjett Yachts has been designing and building quality yachts in its Swedish yard since 1886 and the first Linjett 30 was built 1973. The quality of their work was recognized with the Linjett 39 was named European Boat of the Year, quite an recognition. The European BOTY is chosen by a panel of 12 yachting journalists, each for a different country and each the leading voice from their publication. Their result is indisputable, impartial, and highly respected throughout the production yacht world. 

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Linjett39 close up to leeward

Toby Hodges, the judge representing Yachting World wrote, “If you haven’t heard of Linjett before, prepare to be impressed. The 39 offers easy fast family cruising and occasional racing in luxurious comfort and proves that classic needn’t be old fashioned. Linjett exudes Scandi heritage, sturdy and stable, the 39 instils instant confidence and proved a delight to sail.”

Linjett currently has three generations of boat builders working inhouse with hundreds of years of combined experience and heritage. Linjett prides themselves for being a one-stop source for quality yachts. They design, build, and maintain their customers’ boats in their yard just outside of Norrtälje. Not being sailmakers, yet still stiving to provide excellent products and services to their customers, Linjett has been working with UK Sailmakers Sweden for five decades.

Daniel Gustafsson, who runs the yard with his brothers Markus and Kristoffer, had the following to share regarding Linjett and its long-term relationship with UK Sailmakers: “To make sure the well-designed Linjett hull performs up to our high standards, we deliver the boats equipped with high performance sails from UK Sailmakers Sweden. In fact, we have had a relationship with UK Sailmakers for 50 years now, working closely together. We started with the Linjett 30 1973, and since then, UK Sailmakers has always tested and raced our boats and their sails making sure the boats perform perfectly. Currently, we are delivering UK’s X-Drive® Carbon sails with new Linjett yachts. Those sails highlight the boats’ fast, sea-kindly motion. They are also very light, fast, and easy to handle. Like our quality wood and fiberglass work, UK’s sails complement the boats’ stunning appearances. Comfortable sailing with performance speed is possible. Quality usually pays off. I believe that’s a big reason why the Linjett 39 was named European Boat of the Year 2023.”

Mikael Olesen at UK Sailmakers Sweden said, “We have had a great relationship during all years. All current Linjetts models have been sailed a long time and small details, boat, rig and sails, have evolved until everything feels perfect. Sometimes we have even been sailing days before Christmas in perfect conditions. The passion for the creating the right feeling when we are out on the water is something both companies share. You realize when you look at each other, and the speed and wind angles are what we are looking for, that we understand each other. It´s not about racing, it´s about creating the right balance as if we were racing as these boats are built mainly for cruising. It´s our job to understand the boats’ needs and make the right designs of wings that makes the boat fly. All the guys working on the Linjetts at the Rosättra Shipyard really care, and that passion is genuine. A family company in good hands and a pleasure to work with, we look forward to developing sails for new Linjett models.”

Just like UK Sailmakers, Linjett Yachts prides itself on providing professional, customer-focused service. Together, the shared customer and quality focuses of these two companies clearly show they were cut from the same bolt of cloth.

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am wind macht die linjett eine gute figur auch von aussen
Linjett 39 with Orange Chute X Drive main web
Adam Loory
Adam Loory

Adam Loory is a lifetime sailor, who worked as the General Manager of UK Sailmakers International for 34 years. He is based in Port Chester, NY and regularly sails his custom Rodger Martin-designed 40-footer Soulmates on the Long Island Sound.

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