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Lazy Cradle – Mainsail Accessories


Since the cover catches the sail as it comes down, the helmsman won’t get blinded by drapes of sailcloth while entering a harbor or narrow channel. No longer will you have to search for the sail cover or battle with the cover in a breeze. Just drop and zip. In moments your mainsail is neatly put away and protected from the sun.

When sailing the cover can be left up or it can be rolled neatly alongside the boom. To roll up the cover, loosen the lazy jacks, pull them forward and then roll the cover from the batten down to the boom. Integral buckles hold the rolled-up cover next to the boom while sailing. Rolling up the cover will eliminate any noise and unsightliness of the cover flapping in the breeze.

UK Sailmakers’ Lazy Cradle is a combination of a sail cover and lazy jacks. You simply lower the halyard letting the sail settle between the lazy jacks into the cover. Once the sail is completely lowered, zip the cover closed. The system is perfect for short-handed crews.

Since the Lazy Cradle is attached to the boom and not to the sail, you can remove the sail without removing the cover and disconnecting the lazy jacks. Also, if you get a new mainsail, you don’t have to get a new cover.

Top: A Lazy Cradle with a piece that goes around the front of the mast and zips across the top of the cover. Above: A Lazy Cradle with the closing zipper on the side and the font of the Cradle closes behind the mast. The Lazy Cradle is a semi-custom product that we can tailor to your boat.
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