UK Sailmakers Racing Sails


UK Sailmakers makes a complete line of racing sails

to meet your performance and budgetary needs, from cross-cut Flex, which is the least expensive laminate to Uni-Titanium, the best shape holding string sail due the layer of uni-directional carbon filaments in the laminate. 



All sails have two “lives” to consider:

STRUCTURAL LIFE: how long will it stay in one piece.

PERFORMANCE LIFE: how long it will hold its aerodynamic shape.

Just because your boat has a sail that is in one piece, does not mean that that sail is a fast sail. 

The best balance of longevity and performance

For club racing, UK Sailmakers recommends sails made with our X-Drive® or Tape-Drive® construction systems.

 These sails are made from cross-cut laminated sail cloths that are reinforced with a grid of continuous load-bearing, shape-holding yarns and tapes, which are bonded to the surface of the sail.  Tape-Drive and X-Drive sails offer three to five years of racing and after they lose their best racing edge, they will still be strong enough for many more years of daysailing and cruising.

Grand prix and high-performance sailors choose Titanium and Uni-Titanium, the lightest, strongest and fastest sails available from UK Sailmakers.

Shown above is a Titanium mainsail with AccuMeasure digital analysis.

How much life is left in your “good” sails?

A sail without its aerodynamic shape is like to a worn tire. The tire still holds air and goes around, but it will not corner well or stop quickly. A blown-out sail will move your boat, but it will perform poorly upwind and you will fall behind on the race course.


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