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UK Sailmakers offers sails for the Dragon class that are tailored to enhance the boat’s performance. Their sails are designed using advanced materials and technology, focusing on durability and optimal shape retention for consistent performance. This makes UK Sailmakers a top choice for Dragon sailors seeking competitive racing sails.

The Dragon is a one-design keelboat, designed by Norwegian Johan Anker in 1929. It became an Olympic Class in 1948 and remained so until 1972. The Dragon combines classic lines with modern construction techniques, including GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) since 1973. It is actively represented in over 26 countries and is known for its competitive racing, including events like the World Championships and the Gold Cup. The class rules are carefully managed to ensure safety, quality, and uniformity, with adjustable spars and sails for different conditions. For more detailed information, you can visit the Wikipedia page on the Dragon keelboat.


Two Dragon’s with UK Sailmakers sails in Hong Kong.

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