Single-sided Taffeta – Cruising Genoa

Sails with Taffeta on one side can be made two ways. Some sail cloth styles are made with taffeta on one side and exposed mylar on the other. UK Sailmakers uses this cloth for performance cruising sails. The Tape-Drive or X-Drive tapes are adhered to the mylar side and the taffeta on the non-tape side adds abrasion resistance to the sail. The taffeta does not add any strength to the sail and it adds a bit of weight; thus, the reason flat our racers do not choose this durability adding option.

A second option is to have the taffeta added over one side of a Titanium sail. This gives the sail more abrasion resistance and it is placed on the side of the sail that is on the out side of the roll when the sail is roller-furled to give the sail more protection from the sun’s UV rays.  

Taffetas come in white and grey.

Above is an example of taffeta on one side of the sail. Below is the same sail showing the uncovered tapes. The lighting makes the sail look totally different.

Available details:

Available with:
– Non-overlapping
– Overlapping
– Horizontal battens
– Vertical Battens
– Battenless
– Telltales
– Draft Stripes
– Sail Numbers


Available with:
– Partial Taffeta
– Single Taffeta
– Double Taffeta


Roller Furling:
– Passagemaker
– UV Luff/Foot Cover
– Foam Luff
– Reefing Re-inforcements


Other options:
 Jib Sock


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