S5 Heavy Air Spinnaker – Racing Spinnakers

AWA 90-175°

AWS 20-35 kts

Mid Girth 85-90% of foot

Shortened Hoist

Heavy cloth

S5’s are an ocean racing sail that is also called a “Storm Spinnaker or Chicken Chute” because of their small size. The sail has no shoulders and has an all-purpose shape geared more to running than reaching since most boats would heel out of control with the wind on the beam in such high winds.  It is truly bulletproof, usually made out of 2.2 oz. nylon. On a fractionally rigged boat with masthead spinnakers, the A5 is designed to fly from the hounds (the sheave just above the forestay). This makes the sail shorter on the luff, foot length and width.

Spinnaker Painting Program

Use this program to create a custom look for your new spinnaker or cruising spinnaker. Click here to go to the Spinnaker Painting Program.

Both photos show the Farr 52 BEAR OF BRITAIN. On the LEFT she is sailing with her S5 flown from the hounds and on the RIGHT she is flying her S4 from the masthead. Notice how much smaller the S5 is.


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