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Every sail UK Sailmakers sells is made in a UK Sailmakers loft. This is the only way to insure boat owners get the quality sails they expect. Beware, not all sailmakers make all the sails that are sold with their label.

Getting started selecting your new sail

UK Sailmakers Sweden Gothenberg LoftThe process of deciding what new sail to purchase involves answering a number of questions directing you to the right sail for your boat and your particular sailing needs. Ultimately, you will have a series of conversations with your UK Sailmakers sailmaker, either in person or on the phone, to discuss and agree upon what combination of design, materials, construction and options make the most sense for you. 

The information provided here is not designed to answer all those questions, but rather to provide a core understanding of the factors to be considered when selecting a new sail. With this knowledge in hand, your sailmaker conversations will be more productive. 

Sail Design 

Not all boats are the same so not all sails should be shaped the same. Creating the actual sail shape for any new sail starts with UK Sailmakers’ proprietary CAD/CAM AccuCut and other leading sail design software, powerful programs that use bezier curves to accurately define a sail’s shape on a three dimensional mold. More…

Sail Selection 

To help you find your new sail faster, we have developed the sail selection tool. Simply answer the 4 questions on the left side in the yellow section, click “Find Sails” and the sails that meet your criteria will come up. Move your mouse over the sails to see more information and click on “More…” to get all the detailed information about that particular sail. From that same page you can also print or share this information with your friends or your local loft. More…

Type of Sailing

Sailing a sport for all ages because there are some many different ways to enjoy your time on the water. Racing, cruising, daysailing, bluewater voyaging, dinghies, one-design, etc… Everyone at UK Sailmakers realizes that all sailors have different and we are here to help provide the power for your passion. More…

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There are many different types of sails available. Please go here to find out more about them. More…


How a sail is constructed makes a difference. Only two major sailmakers offer high-performance continuous yarn sails and one is UK Sailmakers. More…


Sails are a big investment and if you take care of them, they will give you years of service. Every UK Sailmakers loft can help you to get the most from your sails, no matter what brand they are. Our sail makers specialize in prompt, expert repairs and modifications at a reasonable price. More…


Buy your sailing accessories from UK Sailmakers – below are a few examples of the accessories we carry. You can also visit our online store for a bigger selection. More…


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