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In the latest edition of the UK Sailmakers podcast series Lessons Learned, Butch Ulmer discusses four short distance races that east coast sailors can use to get ready for the Bermuda and our Halifax races. He stresses getting your crew on the water racing overnight is the only way to prepare of a major ocean race.

In this podcast, Butch goes over the courses, typical winds and the strategies for the Sam Wetherill Race, Larchmont Yacht Club’s Edlu Race, the Block Island Race and the Annapolis Newport Race. Tune in to hear their similarities, differences, and a few anecdotes as well! Butch is the son of Buster Ulmer who started Ulmer Sails in 1946, a company which has transformed through the years to become UK Sailmakers.

This podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Four Spring Distance Races course maps
Heather Mahady
Heather Mahady

Heather Mahady is the General Manager of UK Sailmakers International. She is based on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest, and is a passionate sailboat racer, sailmaker, and sustainability advocate.

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