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Flying Scot

The Flying Scot is an American sailing dinghy, designed by Sandy Douglass as a one-design racer and first built in 1958. It is a recreational sailboat, built predominantly of fiberglass with a balsa core, featuring a fractional sloop rig with aluminum spars. The hull has a raked stem, a plumb transom, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller, and a retractable centerboard. It displaces 850 lb and has foam flotation under the seats for safety.

The boat is equipped with a 200 sq ft spinnaker, a boom vang, and mainsail roller furling. Class rules prohibit the use of hiking straps, trapezes, leech cords, barber haulers, twings, or self-bailers, and mast adjustment is not allowed while racing. The design has a Portsmouth Yardstick racing average handicap of 90.3 and is normally raced with a crew of three sailors, although it can accommodate up to eight people. For more details, please visit the Wikipedia page on the Flying Scot.

UK Sailmakers, with their expertise in sail design and technology, offers an ideal choice for Flying Scot sailors looking for new sails. Their sails are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Flying Scot, taking into consideration the one-design class rules and the boat’s characteristics. With a focus on maximizing performance while ensuring durability and ease of handling, UK Sailmakers’ sails for the Flying Scot are designed to enhance the sailing experience, whether in competitive racing or casual sailing. The commitment to quality and customer service makes UK Sailmakers a preferred partner for Flying Scot sailors seeking to improve their performance on the water.

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