Jonty Layfield’s CS40, SLEEPER/U-GO scored eight straight race wins to win CSA 8, the Best Antiguan and Caribbean Boat in Start Boat B and the prestigious Lord Nelson Trophy for best performance in the regatta. Layfield said, “I just don’t believe it, I am astonished. We borrowed a boat that we had never sailed and put together a crew of family and friends, including children, and we have won the biggest prize of all.”

The boat came with Tape-Drive sails that were new for the 2014 edition of Antigua Sailing Week: a Tape-Drive Carbon main, Tape-Drive Carbon 120% genoa and spinnaker with the Antiguan flag emblazoned on it. The boat’s owner, Hugh Bailey, uses the small LP genoa in the windy Caribbean because a bigger genoa is seldom needed and the smaller sail gives a great rating credit. The 120% LP genoa has enough power for waves and maneuvering on the starting line. If wind picks up, he can keep sailing with the full genoa and reefed main. This inventory reduces sail changes and sail purchases. All the sails were designed by Mark Wood of UK Sailmakers Miami.

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