Luka 30: Sport Boat Speed with Cruising Comforts

UK Sailmakers in the Ukraine, one of the group’s newest lofts, has made sails for an intriguing new boat called the Luka 30. The design concept was for a fast, modern and inexpensive trailerable yacht with minimum maintenance costs, a spacious cabin and head, good for racing, team building, training and cruising. The boat is the brain-child of Olympic Silver medalist Rodion Luka.

“I was always wondering why golf is more popular than sailing,” said Luka. “I was looking for a way to make yachting just as affordable as other mass sport disciplines. This boat is created for a new type of yacht club, one that can operate as fitness club. The business model operates along the lines of successful Kiev Racing Yacht Club.”

State-of-the-art technology, materials and equipment are used in the L30. The users will enjoy its carbon fiber spars, twin steering wheels and inboard electric sail-drive.

This is a boat that will satisfy a very broad range of requirements. Racing teams will appreciate the L30’s speed and dynamic handling combined with a wide range of adjustments, as well as its one design concept. Self-sufficiency, comfort and accommodation are perfect for a small family or a racing crew. Being able to be ramp launched, owners can haul their boats and store them in their back yards or they can keep the boat in a slip. All options are available.

The L30’s designer Andrej Justin said, “The boat is not designed exclusively for racing, but has to perform as a throughbreed and at the same time be also forgiving. She has to fulfill all the fleet and match racing demands on hardware specifications and deck layout and has to be the perfect tool for corporate daysailing and offer cruising comfort for a small crew.

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