A Volvo 70 mainsail being patched with Dr. Sails while underway.

Dr. Sails is the best “on-the-water” sail repair system currently available. The two-part epoxy comes out of its tube properly mixed and ready to apply thanks to a special mixing nozzle. The epoxy dries in 22 minutes and it even sticks to wet sails. In fact, during the recent Volvo Ocean race, some mainsails were fixed while the sails remained flying.  Every sail repair kit should have one or more tubes of this stuff, especially since you’ll find non-sail repair uses for it.

UK Sailmakers is offering a special UK Sailmakers/Dr. Sails repair kit for $68, which includes a 25 ml tube of Dr. Sails (their medium size), four mixing nozzles, two plastic spreaders, and four 4″x8″ pieces of patch material made from the same material as you main or jib. Just tell us which material you would like.


• No Mixing
• 8 Minute Working Life
• 22 Minute Tack Free Cure
• Remains Flexible
• Works Wet/Underwater
• Multiple Use
• Re-Useable Air-Tight Cap
• 36 Month Shelf Life
• Adheres to Most Sail Cloths

 Visit www.drsails.com for video tutorials, instructions and FAQs. 

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