NAUTONCALL, Eddie Evans’ Beneteau Oceanis 381, has pounced on the 2016 season. He and his crew finished first OVERALL in the Conch Republic Cup (Key West to Cuba) and finished third in Pursuit Class 2 at Charleston Race Week.

“Much of this success can be attributed to two custom built spinnakers provided by Tripp Fellabom of UK Sailmakers Charleston,” said Evans. “One is a bright orange asymmetrical with a white tiger paw inlay that is perfect for reaching when the breeze comes on. We have had this sail since 2006 and, despite the years of abuse and heavy air usage, it still performs at an extremely high level without any repairs in over 10 years! The second is a symmetrical spinnaker with an inlay of Captain America’s shield that is perfect for the deep downwind runs necessary to pull away from the fleet.” The Captain America spinnaker was new in 2015, but its major unveiling was the race to Cuba where the results spoke volumes.

At the time of this writing, NAUTONCALL is preparing for the 2016 Gulfstreamer Race from Daytona Beach, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina. This race goes fast as the winds are typically astern and the north-flowing Gulf Stream give a 3-5 knot push. “Captain and crew are excited and optimistic anytime conditions are favorable for these spinnakers!!” said Evans.

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