Sir Hugh Bailey (in front of the mast) with his crew who took the Lord Nelson Trophy at ASW 2016.

For the second year in a row, Sir Hugh Bailey’s CS40 GYPSY-UGO has won the overall trophy at Antigua Sailing Week. Last year the boat was under charter when she won the Lord Nelson Trophy for best performance in the regatta and this year Sir Hugh sailed the boat with a crew of Antiguan junior sailors.

GYPSY-UGO is powered by carbon Tape-Drive sails, none of which were new this year. She is also easily seen downwind with her “Antiguan Flag” spinnaker.

Sir Bailey was knighted for his services to yachting  and is the ‘grandfather’ of sailing in Antigua. GYPSY-UGO scored straight bullets until the final race to win CSA 7, but a 2nd in the last race nearly dashed Sir Hugh’s hopes of lifting the Lord Nelson Trophy. However this fairy tale victory came true at the Final Awards Ceremony.

“I am the only skipper left who took part in the first Antigua Sailing Week. I have never won the Lord Nelson Trophy before, but this win is all about Antiguan youth. There are many young Antiguans taking part these days, like Shannoy Malone, who has sailed with us this week. He is only eight and he rigs his own Optimist, looks after it and sails it whenever he can. This was his second Antigua Sailing Week. Youth is our future, they will keep the fires burning.”

This year was Sir Hugh’s 49th consecutive ASW and he is looking forward to next year that will make an even 50.

Click to see a video with shots from ASW 2016 and Sir Hugh commenting about being the only skipper to sail in all 49 Antigua Sailing Weeks.

Jim Hightower's King 40 HOT TICKET, flying Uni-Titanium sails won CSA 4

Jim Hightower’s King 40 HOT TICKET, flying Uni-Titanium sails won CSA 4

HOT TICKET flying over the waves.

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  1. I sailed with Hugh Bailey on his Sagittarius from Grenada to Martinique years ago with another couple- an experience never forgotten!

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