A big part of prolonging the life of your sails is keeping them clean. Salt and some airborne contaminates can cause mildew and actual damage to the fabrics/laminates so cleaning is certainly something to consider. At UK Sailmakers New York, your sails will be professionally cleaned using the right detergents in state of the art equipment. Then they are dried, folded and stored.

UK Sailmakers Winter Service starts with a detailed inspection of your sails. We typically accomplish minor repairs on the spot. If we come across something major, we’ll give you a call with our assessment of what should be done and give you an estimate of the cost.

We check batten pockets, luff tapes, furling covers, seams, leech cords, the works. No detail escapes our attention. By dropping your sails off now, you know that they will be ready for a trouble free sailing season next year.

UK Sailmakers New York has pick up locations all over the area and if you don’t know of one near you, call us at 718-885-1700 and we’ll help you locate one. 

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