SAIL AND CANVAS WINTER SERVICE (It is not too late) For Racers and Cruisers

While you are decommissioning your boat at the end of the season, don’t forget to take your sails off the boat. The best place to store them is at our loft in our heated storage lockers after they have been washed and checked over. Howie McMichael photo.

UK Sailmakers New York is your full service loft for sail repairs, sail storage and sail replacements. We offer:

  • Free pick up and delivery from local boat yards and yacht clubs
  • Free storage for washed sails and canvas when invoice is paid within 14 days
  • Quality Repairs on ALL BRANDS OF SAILS
  • Sail De-Rigging and Installation
  • Careful inspection of all edges, corners, seams, batten pockets, luff tapes and luff hardware, and UV covers. We will call if we find a major repair is needed.
  • Professional Sail and Canvas Cleaning
  • New Tell Tales
  • On-site storage in dry, climate heated lockers

We will help you protect your investment in your boat’s primary source of propulsion.


10 Midland Ave., Ste M-4
Port Chester, NY 10573
Phone: (914) 600-8800

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