This image shows three different teaching tools that can be applied to the animated quizzes: Overlap lines, the zone and a grid where the lines are one boat length apart. Each teaching tool can be used in any combination and can be turned on and turned off. The grid can be rotated to align with the boats. 

The UK Sailmakers animated Rules Quiz program has been updated for the rule changes of the 2017-2020 quadrennial. This program has been called “the easiest way to learn the Racing Rules of Sailing” because it uses animations instead of diagrams with arrows and numbers. The program teaches by showing situations and asking users to decide what happened and who is right and who is wrong. To help analyze the animation, we have teaching tools that apply overlap lines, the zone around a mark, grid lines that are one-boatlength apart and more. The animation can be stopped, started and replayed as many times as needed; users can even move to a specific part of the action by manually moving the timeline slider. After coming to a conclusion, click on the answer, which is written in the same format that a protest committee publishes a decision. First you’ll read the “Facts Found” followed by “The Rules That Apply.” In the written answers, all references to rule and definitions that apply are hot-linked so that you can call up the exact text of the rule or defined word.

Those who bought the program in the last quadrennial are getting first update for free. The program can be purchased for $55 at our online store.  For more information and screen shots from the program, click here.

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