Available for the first time for all sailors, this 10-video library offering over two hours of safety-at-sea strategies, techniques, and tips developed by some of the world’s top ocean sailors and introduced by Storm Trysail Club member Gary Jobson.

The cost is $40 and the first ten videos cover:

  • Practical Man Overboard Recovery (24 mins.)
  • Understanding Weather (23 mins.)
  • Understanding Offshore Weather (24 mins.)
  • Flares and Pyrotechnic Devices (6 mins.)
  • Storm Sails (12 mins.)
  • Shipboard Firefighting Strategies (4 mins.)
  • Fighting Shipboard Fires (7 mins.)
  • Personal Safety Equipment (27 mins.)
  • Cold water survival & Life Rafts (3 min.)
  • Deploying a Life Raft (6 mins.)

Click here to buy access to the videos

Reflecting our dedication to educating sailors, UK Sailmakers’ Butch Ulmer was instrumental in organizing the production of this video series and he heads the Storm Trysail Foundation’s annual Hands-On Safety-at-Sea seminar. This year the seminar will be held May 20th at SUNY Maritime in New York City. Click here to register or get more information on the STC’s Hands-On Safety at Sea seminar.

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