Sometimes you race; sometimes you prefer to cruise. With UK Sailmakers’ X-DRIVE® sails you can enjoy both without the hassle of changing sails and, importantly, without having to raid the kids’ college fund or your 401k.  X-Drive sails are the latest evolution in loadpath sails made using hundreds of continuous, high-strength, single-yarn tapes. Those tapes are spread across the sail’s laminate in patterns that allow the sail to retain it shape and last longer.

UK’s Butch Ulmer says, “I have no hesitation telling customers to expect four winning seasons from X-Drive sails. In terms of structural integrity, with a single layer of taffeta and annual service check-ups, you’re looking at 8-plus seasons of use. For the serious PHRF or club racer, I know of no longer lasting sail construction that’s also kind to one’s wallet.”  Click here for more information.

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