Dalton Tebo (left) and Ken Tebo

Dalton Tebo (left) and Ken Tebo

UK Sailmakers raised the bar for sailmaking and service when UK Sailmakers’ Sarasota was purchased by the father-son duo of Ken and Dalton Tebo. This acquisition has already breathed new life into the western Florida sailmaking community.

The purchase of the loft by the Tebos reflects their shared passion for the sport of sailing combined with their desire to provide superior quality sailmaking and service support to northern Florida. The senior Tebo, Ken, has spent his life sailing all over the eastern U.S. and the Caribbean participating in many of the area’s major races. Now, when he’s away from the loft, he sails recreationally for relaxation and fun.

A well-known area sailor, the younger Tebo, Dalton, is a different story. Born and raised in Florida, Dalton’s passion for sailing began at the young age of 10 when he immediately fell in love with the sport. And while Ken is cruising, Dalton still has racing in his blood. He races both nationally and internationally having competed in multiple St. Barths Cata-Cups and F18 World Championships, the Tybee 500,  Great Texas 300 and of course, the Florida 300! Oh, yes, at the age of 14 he also won the Sears Cup national junior sailing trophy. Dalton gained his sailmaking expertise working in lofts making, repairing, and evaluating sails and providing advice to help customers order the right sail for their particular sailing needs. Outside the loft, Dalton shares his enthusiasm for sailing by instructing and coaching through the Sarasota Youth Sailing Program and providing private sailing lessons to youth and adult sailors.

“Dalton and I are excited to be working together,” noted Ken Tebo. “We are not just selling sails; rather we’re bringing our customers the benefit of the sailing and sailmaking knowledge that we and our experienced loft staff share. At UK Sailmakers Sarasota we believe in building customer loyalty by providing a full-service loft, providing sound advice and guidance, and doing so in a professional atmosphere.”

“Our staff is great!’ added Dalton Tebo. “Because of their years of experience we can offer fabrication of new sails and repairs along with custom canvas work and expert rigging. We work to determine the best way to make the repair and, for custom canvas customers, we take the time to work with customers so we can fabricate pieces that exceed their expectations.”

Whether a day sailor, cruiser or racer, on lakes, the Intra-Coastal, Gulf or across oceans, UK Sarasota’s experienced staff is available to provide you with well designed, durable performance cruising and racing sails accompanied by superior service and support.

UK Sailmakers Sarasota can repair and service all makes of sails and can make arrangements to pick-up and deliver sails throughout North Florida—from Punta Gorda to Melbourne, Jacksonville to the Panhandle. 

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