Catch up with the changes in the Racing Rules of Sailing by watching these free videos UK Sailmakers has been posting to its Facebook page. There are currently five videos, which are segments from seminars Butch Ulmer has given on the changes in the rules that took effect on January 1, 2017.  Many of these videos deal with the different sections of Rule 18, which is the Mark Room rule. Most protests result from situations at turning marks because that is where boats come together on the race course.

1. New Rule 18.3 

2. New Rule 18.2(d)

3. Tactical Considerations of Rule 18.3

4. Tricks for Taking a One-Turn Penalty Fastest

5. New Appendix T (Arbitration and Post Race Pentalty)

6. Preview of the UK Sailmakers Animated Rules Quiz Program

All these videos were posted previously on the UK Sailmakers Facebook page. To be notified of future posts, make sure to “like” our page. Click here to see the UK Facebook page and then click on the “like” button.

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