New White Performance Cruising Sails

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UK Sailmakers is happy to unveil a new material for performance cruising sails that makes all-white sails that will not break the bank. After extensive testing around the world on boats that included four 50-foot cruisers from Sense, Bavaria, Dufour and Centurion, X-Drive Endure has proved to be nearly as strong and stable as carbon racing sails. X-Drive Endure is made with narrow Endumax® ribbons that are bonded to sail just as carbon and S-Glass yarns are. Endumax is an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), similar to Spectra® and Dyneema® — fibers known for high strength and durability. Endumax has tested nearly as well as carbon in strength and stretch resistance, which means cruising sails can be made with the same performance as racing sails while having a clean classic white appearance plus the Endurance that is required for successful cruising and shorthanded sailing. The Endure name was chosen to reference the Endumax filaments as well as the great endurance these sails have.

Testing on big boats was done because any problems and shape changes would show up faster as a result of the high loads experienced on bigger boats. Martin Box, the owner of the Bavaria 50 which tested an in-mast furling main with vertical battens and an overlapping genoa, was so happy with the how much better his boat sailed with his X-Drive Endure sails that he told Geoff Bishop of UK Sailmakers Fremantle that he has found his passion for sailing again. Box uses his boat for both racing and cruising. He went from being the boat perineal last-place finisher to a race winner.

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