The Hanse 575 SEASIDE (GER 36) made it to the start of the leg from Panama to the Galapagos with her new Code Zero as shown above. “It flies well and brings good speed,” said Torsten Jonas.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the World ARC 2019/2020, the Hanse 575 SEASIDE was in dire need of a new Code Zero before setting out across the Pacific. The problem for her owner Torsten Jonas, a customer of UK Sailmakers Germany, was that the boat was in San Blas Islands, Panama, and the boat would be through the Panama Canal and sailing to the Galapogos in nine days. On a long shot, Torsten asked if UK Sailmakers could deliver a new Code Zero in time. The short answer…YES!


“Best regards from the World ARC 2019/2020 sailors in Panama City,” wrote Jonas. “I can’t begin to express how much praise I have for UK Sailmakers after what they just accomplished for me. I am currently participating in World ARC 2019/2020 with my Hanse 575 SEASIDE. On the leg from Santa Marta, Colombia, to the San Blas Islands, Panama, our 140 sqm Code Zero tore beyond repair. It had given us a lot of good service and had been easy to handle. Suffering from a lot of UV radiation, and many thousands of miles, this sail didn’t owe us anything. The reality was that we needed a new sail for the remaining 25,000 miles we were about sail.

“The purchase of a new Code Zero was essential for the upcoming passage that would be in mostly light winds along the equator as we were to sail from the Panama Canal to the Galapogos. The biggest problem with the purchase was the small window of time we had before our around the world rally would set sail again. The timing was dictated by the organizer, the World Cruising Club, and the upcoming crew change in Panama City. Would it be possible to produce a Code Zero and deliver it on schedule within nine days to Panama City? At first I didn’t think so.


“In spite of the logistical obstacles we were facing, I contacted Dirk Manno of UK Sailmakers Germany on January 31. Much to my joy, just a few hours later I received the order confirmation. Then everything went incredibly fast. On February 1, I received an email exclaiming that “The sail will be ready to ship the next day. UK Sailmakers needed a shipping address in the next two hours.

And indeed, the next day a 35 kg package containing my new Code Zero went from the UK Sailmakers Hong Kong loft to UPS in Hong Kong to start a long yet very quick journey around the world. On the second of February, the sail arrived in Anchorage, AL. On the third, my Code Zero visited both Louisville, KY, and Miami, FL. It made it to Managua, Nicaragua, on the fourth and finally to Panama City on February 5.

After some difficulties in the airport customs, the crew of the La Playita Marina delivered to my boat a new Code Zero on the seventh — just seven days after I ordered the sail from UK Sailmakers Germany.

“My sincere thanks to all those involved who made this record-breaking achievement possible. For the upcoming trade winds, SEASIDE is now well prepared again. Thanks UK Sailmakers and your international network of lofts that will take care of me around the world.”

SEASIDE sailing across the Atlantic wing-on-wing.

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