Top-10 Reasons To Do Weeknight Racing

10 – You can practice your tactics and maneuvers in a low-pressure environment.
9 – You can bring along and train your B Team so they are ready to step-in when your weekend warriors can’t make it.
8 – It forces you to get out of the office earlier than usual – bring a co-worker so they can finally appreciate and understand all those odd things they overhear you saying on the phone to crewmates.
7 – It’s a great way to get your kids or other juniors out in big boats.
6 – Chances are you’ll see a great sunset.
5 – You can rotate your crew through different positions, which helps crewmembers understand maneuvers better.
4 – You can sharpen your starting skills.
3 – There often is a social element apres sailing.
2 – You just can’t get enough time on the water.

And the #1 reason to do weeknight club racing:
1 – They don’t call it “beer can racing” for nothing!

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