X-Drive Carbon Black main and genoa. Carbon reinforcing yarns run continuously between the corners of the sails and the cross cut laminate panels are made with black aramid fibers.

X-Drive is a two-part construction system that combines a lightweight sailcloth laminate and high strength supporting fibers that are bonded to the surface of the sail. UK Sailmakers has the option of using Carbon Fiber yarns or S-Glass Fiber yarns in the supporting grid and we can choose laminates with aramid or polyester yarns in many different weights and configurations. The result of all these choices is that your local UK Sailmaker can make a racing sail for you that meets your performance requirements, longevity desires and budget restraints.

Here are three photos representing the range of X-Drive performance and affordability:

The photo above shows X-Drive carbon black sails. The reinforcing fibers are carbon and the laminate has black aramid yarns in the mylar sandwich. This combination of materials delivers the highest performance X-Drive sails we make.

X-Drive Carbon on a polyester laminate.

The next picture shows X-Drive sails made with carbon fibers on a polyester laminate. This mid-priced performance option offers exceptional durability, light weight, and a more traditional (less-black) look.

X-Drive Silver: A polyester laminate with S-Glass reinforcing yarns.

The final shows X-Drive polyester laminate sails made with S-Glass loadpath yarns. While not as stretch-resistant as carbon fiber, for smaller boats these sails will exceed most club performance, durability and affordability objectives while also delivering a traditional all-white appearance.

Five reasons to consider UK Sailmakers’ X-Drive :

  1. Continuous Yarns – X-Drive sails are made with continuous fibers running from corner to corner absorbing the sail’s aerodynamic loads. The grid of continuous fibers allows the sail to maintain its optimum shape longer. X-Drive sails are made by nearly totally covering the surface of the sail with reinforcing fibers along the sail’s computer predicted load paths.

  2. Durability – The X-Drive construction method produces highly durable sails delivering peak performance season after season.

  3. Lightweight – X-Drive sails are lighter than the Dacron sails many club racers and performance cruisers use.

  4. Strong – These continuous fibers take the loads off the sail’s cross-cut seams and prevent catastrophic sail failure and seam creep.

  5. Affordable – There is a performance X-Drive sail to fit virtually any club racer’s or performance cruiser’s budget. X-Drive’s performance, durability, and affordability translate to Value!

If you’re considering purchasing new sails this fall or over the winter, contact UK Sailmakers and discuss which X-Drive sail is right for your boat and the kinds of sailing you do. If you order soon, you’ll be able to receive your new sails before putting your boat away for the winter. That way you can test out your 2020 sails in 2019.

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