Here is a great shot of the A2 on the King 40 CHECKMATE sailing downwind. Notice how well the sail projects to windward. According to Geoff Bishop, owner of UK Sailmakers Fremantle, “I work diligently to design asymmetrical spinnakers that project to windward, which allows our clients to run faster and deeper. A lot of our competitors comment on how well the UK Sailmakers asymmetrical project to windward.”

“When other sailmakers heard that I had taken the spinnaker pole off CHECKMATE and added 30sqm to the spinnaker area, they said we were doing the wrong thing,” said Bishop. “I can tell you, the IRC rating came down a little, plus CHECKMATE is exceeding all the polar charts in downwind speed and angles.” Call UK Sailmakers if you wanted sail deeper and faster — and maybe with a better rating to boot. Photo by Lindsay Preece.

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