We are living in unprecedented times as the world comes to grip with Covid-19 and the trickledown effect it is having on all of our lives. The impact this virus is having on UK Sailmakers, our staff and our customers varies from country to country, loft to loft. In all instances, we are adhering to governmental policies and healthcare best practices. Fortunately, sailmakers tend to do conduct their tasks independently, or with a small cadre of the same folks day-after-day, so that protective social distancing is the status quo.

At some point in the future, when we’ve put the threat of this Covid-19 behind us, you and your family will want to get out on your boat where breezes will blow away contaminants and the sun’s UV rays will kill viruses on surfaces. It is UK Sailmakers’ intention to help you make that dream a reality. Here’s how:

• Some of our lofts are open but all are only responding to customers via emails and phone messages.

• We have implemented processes whereby customers can drop-off or pick-up sails without making personal contact.

• When possible, we are still able to get out and measure your boat for new sails. Luckily, our productions lofts are operating so we can still deliver that new sail you’ve been planning on.

• We will continue to post educational sailing information on our website so that, when you’re back on the water, you’ll be able to sail with confidence.

Here’s looking forward to the return of the “old normal” when we can be on the water with family and friends. After all, there’s no better antidote for this virus than being out for a relaxing sail on your boat.

Please feel free to contact your local loft to find out about service work or new sails. If you have any question or comments, write:

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