Christian Williams is an author and journalist living in Southern California. His current boat, THELONIUS is an Ericson 381, which he has sailed to Hawaii and back — singlehanded. According to a former colleague, of some note from the Washington Post, Bob Woodward, “Christian Williams is a genius sailor, observer and writer. And Williams is a happy UK Sailmakers customer.

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“Oliver (McCann) talked me into heavy Dacron for offshore and a high-clew genoa, which I resisted. After 10,000 miles around the North Pacific I’m glad I listened. There’s nothing better than a sailmaker who comes to the boat, measures, and stands behind his product. Love my UK sails,” said Williams.

In 15 years at THE WASHINGTON POST Christian Williams served as arts editor and reporter on the investigative unit. In 1987 he moved to Los Angeles to write television dramas from HILL STREET BLUES to SIX FEET UNDER. He lives in Pacific Palisades, CA

To watch Williams’ videos, read his blog and learn about his books on sailing, go to his Facebook page: or his page at

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