The owner of this brand new Berckemeyer Yachts 53 express cruiser wanted both: a deck saloon yacht as well as speed. Although hard to combine, his wish was granted: This boat’s towering rig with a square top main screams performance, while the concept gives him the desired wide view even from inside. After his first test sail with his new X-Drive sails, the owner had a big smile on his face. He noted that, at the very first try, the boat accelerated to almost 10 knots, reaching hull speed close hauled – these photos speak for themselves.

Even if you never cross a starting line, all sailors want their boats to sail well, cruising sailors too. A suit of new performance-cruising sails from UK Sailmakers will help your boat sail better on a number of levels. First, because your sailing more efficiently you’ll extend your cruising range (if you are going faster you can cover more ground). You’ll also find your sailing more comfortable as new, well-shaped sails mean less healing and less time hard on the wind – that’s a key benefit. And finally, if you do want to enter the occasional club race, you will won’t need a second set of sails.

UK Sailmakers’ X-Drive® sails are the ideal sails for the performance cruiser. They have high-strength yarns running continuously from corner-to-corner absorbing the sail’s aerodynamic loads while helping retain the sail’s original shape. X-Drive sails are also the affordable load-path sails providing durability and performance at prices that won’t kill the cruising kitty.

This sizeable performance cruising boat is equipped with X-Drive sails from UK Sailmakers’ loft in Germany. These sails are made with carbon loadpath fibers, but you can also order X-Drive sails with Endumax or S-Glass yarns. The X-Drive Silver sails (S-Glass) are particularly popular with performance cruisers who prefer all white sails for their boat.

If you’re looking to do performance cruising, or just low-key local cruising, X-Drive sails can give your boat new life. With X-Drive sails, your boat will sail more comfortably, and you’ll still have money in your pocket to enjoy that lobster dinner you’ve been hankering for.

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