Her full-batten X-Drive Carbon main with partial taffeta on the leech.

A new boat, like a new car, has a great look, feel and, yes, smell. Here is a new Linjett 39 performance cruiser during a shake down sail. You can bet the owner loves to breathe in deeply when onboard. What many people don’t realize, however, is that new sails give those same sensory boosts; they please your eyes and make an old boat come alive so she sails like new again. Her X-Drive carbon Liteskin sails look as good as the boat. She is also outfitted with an all-white Matrix symmetrical running spinnaker. The boat’s non-overlaping jib is optimized for roller furling with vertical battens, UV covers on the foot and leech as well as a partial taffeta layer on the leech and foot for extended durability. Defying the modern trend for a plumb-bow and max beam carried nearly all the way aft, this boat brings “sleek” back to sailboat design. This boat looks is a great looking package for a lucky cruising couple or family. Maybe Santa will put the keys to a new boat (and new sails) under your tree this holiday. Then you can enjoy the blended aromas of new fiberglass and teak. Ho, Ho, Ho.

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