Mikeal Olesen is one of the three partners at the helm of UK Sailmakers Sweden.

Started already 1888, UK Sailmakers Sweden is one of the oldest sailmaking companies in the world. The company has two lofts to cover this sailing obsessed country with 2,000 miles of coastline. The Gothenburg loft serves North Sea sailors on the country’s southwest coast, while the Stockholm loft, 470 km to the northeast, services sailors on the Baltic Sea. No matter which loft sailors deal with, it´s the same company; sailors receive the same quality sails, sail repairs, and professional service that all sailors around the world receive from all other UK Sailmakers lofts.

Anders Nordström

UK Sweden’s lofts are led by three well known sailors and sailmakers: Mikael Olesen, Anders Nordström, and Oskar Skoting. Together, these three sailmakers bring to their customers nearly 100 years of sailing experience and nearly a century of sailmaking experience. From a sailing perspective, you can say there’s nothing these sailmakers haven’t seen.

Oskar Skoting

“Our victories at international and national regattas are very important for developing our customers’ sails,” said Mikael Olesen. “Our ongoing sail devolpment has made racers faster; but in the end, the creation of race-winning sails leads to long-lasting performance cruising sails. Many of our customers use their boats for bluewater voyaging and long-lasting sails are very important on the ocean. We have put a lot of effort in these kind of sails over the last 10 years,” said Mikael.

All three principals started as dinghy sailors, then moved into bigger boats and, eventually, into sailmaking. Sailmaking is rewarding for them as it has allowed them to make a career out of their passion. Seeing smiles on satisfied customers’ faces keeps them in the sailmaking game.

Mikael commented, “For us, the key is to understand that we’re in a customer service business. We tend to be focused on ‘value for money,’ which is key for performance cruising and club racing sailors who make up the biggest market in Sweden. At the same time, we have more than our share of sailors winning races.”

The business philosophy of the loft is to provide good sails, delivered on time with professional service. “We have many very long-term relationships with our customers built on trust. We always try to be the customer’s economic eyes, to make sure it ends up value for money,” continued Mikael.

Anders said, “The best way to sell sails is to have a customer tell his friend how happy he or she is. They are proud to have UK Sailmakers sails. Our greatest feeling of satisfaction comes from helping customers win, go faster, or cruise better than before they had UK Sailmakers sails .”

Oskar added, “We are well known sailmakers for being professional, delivering sails on time, and making sails that fit right out of the bag. We create happy customers. Setting new sails for the first time should be a ‘happy moment.’ We’ve also earned the trust of shipyards like Linjett, Arcona, Najad, Malö, Swedestar. Our sails are a “value add” that helps them sell their boats. To ensure sails are perfect when delivered, UK Sweden invested heavily in a software for running the loft. With it, anyone in the company can find out the measurements of a sail, the details ordered, where a sail is in the building, what is in production, the delivery date requested as well as when a sail repair will be completed.”

After working with UK Sailmakers Sweden, sailors are able to sail with confidence.

Stockholm loft

Gothenburg loft

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