L to R: Butch Ulmer, Ryan Zupon, Nick McGhee, Adam Loory (UK International), Conny and Jasper Baris, Kevin Crouchley, Susan Mottley-Smith, Mayann Weinberg, David Martin, Larry Winant, Emmett Dickheiser and Mike Colarusso.

Sail Fast and Stay on Budget. That’s our motto at UK Sailmakers Northeast (formerly UK Sailmakers New York). While it may sound like a simple catchphrase, the dizzying array of options for new sails makes selecting the right sail for your boat as well as the kind of sailing you do more difficult than it seems at first blush. We are dedicated to spending the time going over the sail construction options that will meet your sailing and financial requirements. Being sailors, we know how short the sailing season is; therefore, we provide one-week turnaround on service jobs so that you won’t miss a weekend on the water. Further, we source and produce fully Made-in-America products wherever possible.

Our knowledgeable sales staff includes Mike Colarusso (Rhode Island), Dave Martin (Brooklyn and New Jersey), Nick McGhee (New Haven), Kurt Worell (Hudson River Valley), and Ryan Zupon (New York Metro). Each are accomplished and experienced sailors. They are available to advise you in your new sail purchases to ensure you end-up with the right sails for your boat.

In addition to the sales staff, Lead Sailmaker Emmett Dickheiser brings over a decade of sailmaking experience with him from his time spent at UK Sailmakers Texas, and guides our floor team of Susan Mottley-Smith, Mayann Weinberg, and Larry Winant. This trio brings decades of experience to our manufacturing and service capabilities.

The team is led by loft owner Constantine “Conny” Baris and his longtime sailing companion Loft Manager, Kevin Crouchley, with UK Sailmaker legends Tommy Nye and Butch Ulmer helping our team at UK Sailmakers Northeast provide comprehensive sales and service support to sailors from the Chesapeake to Cape Cod and beyond.

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