Every four years the Racing Rules of Sailing get updated. In these updates, most of the rules remain the same; however, there are usually some minor fixes to close loopholes not foreseen by the original rule writers. Other times, there are changes made that make the rules simpler to understand. Nevertheless, new rules and old rules, we need to learn them all.

While the rule changes seem to get all of the attention, the vast majority of the unchanged rule book remains unknown, misunderstood or simply un-read. To help you assess your rules fluency, Butch Ulmer has created a “Rules Quiz” that you can take online. He will use this quiz as the outline for UK Sailmakers’ online rules webinar that will take place Thursday, March 25, starting at 7 p.m. To reserve a spot for Butch’s webinar, click HERE.

During his presentation, he will give the answers to the quiz’s questions, cover some of the changes in the rules that went into effect this past January, and answer questions from the audience. If you can’t make the seminar, but would like the answers to this quiz, send an email to The answers will be sent out after the webinar so that no one gets an unfair advantage when Butch turns to the Socratic teaching method during the webinar.

This quiz has 26 questions that include both key definitions and rules. Before you turn to the rule book, answer the questions the best you can…then pick-up your book. In the past, when Butch did his “Pop Quiz” before his live rules programs, he found the average score was in the 60-65% correct range. The scores are not meant to make anyone feel bad; but rather they are an incentive for you to learn the rules better. As Butch says, “A solid knowledge of the rules is worth two to three positions in big regattas.”

Be part of UK Sailmakers’ rules webinar and Sail With Confidence.

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