BSG Development’s Sailcom program offers the power of seeing new sail flying on a boat before the first inch of is material cut. The program models proposed sails in crystal clear 3D graphics that can be rotated in 360°. This powerful software helps sail designers check dimensions to ensure proper fit before the sails get delivered and helps customers see how a sail will set up, how it will be trimmed and how it will fit into the boat’s existing sail inventory.

For the program to work, your UK Sailmakers sales representative needs to measure your boat thoroughly. These measurements are entered into the program and can show your boat’s hull and rig or just the rig. Even the rake to your mast set is shown.

This video is from UK Sailmakers Northeast’s Ememett Dickheiser’s webinar on distance racing reaching sails where he explained the uses of and differences between flying jibs, large roach headsails and Code Zeros. The video is a perfect example of how a picture is worth a thousand words. To see a recording of the webinar, go to the “How To” section of the UK Sailmakers website.

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