Racing the 1968 Golden Globe in 2022

Could Guy DeBoer be the first American to win an around-the-world, non-stop yacht race?

Guy deBoer has chosen UK Sailmakers sails in his attempt to be the first American to win an around-the-world, non-stop yacht race.

Key West sailor and marine journalist, Guy deBoerm has entered the 2022 Golden Globe Race, which is the re-enactment of the first solo, non-stop, unsupported around the world yacht race. That race started June 1, 1968 and it took Sir Robin Knox Johnson 226 days to sail it on the 32-foot ketch he built in India and the sailed to England for the race. After Robin won the inaugural race in 1969, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and became one of the most widely known sailors of all time. Guy has chosen UK Sailmakers to help him to the same.


In the world of ocean racing, money and sponsorship have created spectacular professional ocean racing events. These elite skippers and modern-day ocean gladiators are champions. They are the best of the best who become pilots of amazing technology. But, has something human been lost? How can these ordinary sailors dream of participating? Often sailors lose that dream, know-ing it is just for the well-funded few.

The Retro nature of the 1960’s rules and conditions of entry into the Golden Globe Race have opened a fresh new realm of opportunities. It has created great enthusiasm, comment, and opinion in sailing circles around the world. They say this Retro style is the right idea at the right time and may well begin a movement toward RETRO SAILING. The plain idea of racing in simple, strong boats, using no technology and combining traditional seamanship skills with ingenuity, passion and determination to drive someone across the finish line first, is both simple to understand and intensely satisfying. It is also a very affordable adventure and challenge for all! The dream is back!

As a RETRO Race, for the Golden Globe generally speaking, only equipment that was available to Robin Knox Johnston on Suhaili in 1968 may be used. That means NO GPS, Chart plotters, electronic wind instruments, electric autopilots, electronic log, iPhone, satel-lite phones, digital cameras, computers, cd players, pocket calculators, electronic clocks and watches, water makers, carbon fiber, Kevlar, Spectra, etc. It’s back to film cameras, cassette tapes, sextants, wind-up clocks, trailing logs, Dacron sails, wind vanes and typewriters.

Racers will sail refitted older, proven production boats of a similar style, length and type, with no high tech anything. In addition to controlling costs, all entrants face the same challenges. More money will not necessarily help you to the podium. Just like in the original race, there is no rating system, so the first to finish is the winner.

In the world of adventure and sport there are limited opportunities to be first. Today thousands have summitted Mount Everest, hundreds of astronauts have been in space, but less than 120 sailors have competed in an around-the-world, single-handed, non-stop sailing race. No American has won such a race. The 2022 Golden Globe Race will be the first opportunity for this record to fall.

Guy came to UK Sailmakers to provide him with the best opportunity to win. Over many years, he has developed strong relationships with many UK Sailmakers and their lofts. He has raced against Butch Ulmer and Adam Loory in the Northeast and the Considine brothers in Chicago. He lived in Detroit for 14 years and battled against Al DeClercq, when his loft represented UK Sailmakers, for too many races to recall. Today, Guy lives in Key West, which is only a hop, skip, and a jump from UK Sailmakers Miami that is run by Mark Wood. Guy met Mark in 1980 and raced aboard many boats with Mark.

The Golden Globe Race has brought Mark and Guy together once again. UK Sailmakers is working on developing the optimum sail inventory for Guy’s Bob Perry designed Tashiba 36. The rules require the boats to use materials and equipment available in 1968, so the sails will be made of Dacron. These sails will need to stand up to the rigors of the 30,000 open ocean miles, of which nearly one-third will be sailed in the Southern Ocean. Over many years, UK Sailmakers has delivered fast sails and premium customer service from its nearly 50 lofts around the world. By choosing UK Sailmakers, Guy had confidence that UK Sailmakers will help him to win the 2022 Golden Globe Race.

Guy is asking fellow UK Sailmakers customers to help him become the first American to win a singlehanded, non-stop, around-the-world race. Regardless if you are a racer or cruiser. please consider making a small donation of $10-25 to this campaign. Guy’s goal is $35K for the complete sail inventory. He believes that goal is attainable if many people make small donations. Guy deBoer’s GOFUND ME PAGE:

To talk about the race, his campaign and more, join Guy deBoer’s Zoom call on Wednesday, May 19th at 1900 hours on the East Coast of the United States. Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link.

Meeting ID: 874 8842 7602
Passcode: 915912

Guy deBoer’s Website:

Articles: 366


  1. I saw guy at Fantasy Fest in 2019. Told him he’s completely nuts, but wish him well!

  2. I saw guy at Fantasy Fest in 2019. Told him he’s completely nuts, but wish him well!

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