Kirstin Songe-Møller sailing into the sunset.

Kirstin Songe-Møller sailing into the sunset.

Kirstin Songe-Møller is one of the few female professional singlehanded sailors in Norway. She has been racing and sailing her Beneteau Figaro 2 for five years and she is the only Scandinavian sailor to have competed in the La Solitaire du Figaro Race. Kirstin recently bought a new mainsail from UK Sailmakers Norway and has been logging plenty of hours sailing with it As you can see by her smile, she and the new sail are doing well. 

Here is what Kirstin writes about her program: “The last couple of years, I’ve been sailing on my own. After sailing professionally, competing in amateur races didn’t have the same appeal anymore. I really enjoy offshore solo-sailing, and pushing my own limits. I do day-training, as well as longer distances, a couple of days (or so) of nonstop sailing in Skagerrak and I make videos of my experiences. I make acrylic paintings and dry-pastel drawings of my experiences as well.”

“I get a lot of questions about my motivation to sail all alone. I really enjoy the challenges of handling everything onboard alone, and sailing the boat as optimal as possible all by myself. Another thing I enjoy is feeling the vastness of the nature (ocean), which I feel is quite a bit stronger being all alone at sea. The disadvantage of experiencing these challenging, tough, difficult, fantastic, and sometimes even quite magical moments alone is that I have nobody to share it with. That’s something I’ve gotten used to, and I have my cameras so I can share photos and videos, as well as text.”

“Another question I get is; What’s next? I would like some new challenges, but it’s difficult to tell what the future holds.”

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