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Purchase an Ewincher2 from UK Sailmakers through December 23, 2023, and save $100 off the purchase price. Continue reading to learn more about how the Ewincher2 can be the solution to one of your problems and click HERE to order your Ewincher 2 at its reduced price.

The Ewincher 2 Story

There is a classic marketing adage that says you can create a product around a market, but not a market around a product. In advertising agency speak, that’s a problem/solution ad. In some regards, that’s exactly what this article is!

While we aspire to be on the grand-prix racing boats with teams of well-toned grinders driving sheet and halyard winches, the majority of us often find ourselves in situations off the racecourse when having to grind a winch manually is just plain painful. Say there are just two of you working on the boat and, suddenly, it becomes apparent one of you must go up the mast. That’s a problem. Or you’re doing a delivery or cruising and the jib needs to be trimmed…again. There’s a problem. How about pulling your dinghy out of the water? There’s another.

Well, in these and many other “problem” situations, the Ewincher 2 can be the solution. The Ewincher2 is an electric winch handle that fits into any normal winch. With the simple pull of a trigger, you’ve turned a manual winch into a powered one. Weighing only 4.6 pounds (2 kilos), the Ewincher is the problem solver every boat should have.

You might say that, with the right bit, you can do the same job with a traditional electric drill; but the torque of a drill with its short handle can end-up hurting your wrist. Unlike electric drills, this the Ewincher2 locks into the top of your winch and you hold it like a normal winch handle, which makes the Ewincher 2 much more ergonomic and comfortable to use.

There is no question that the Ewincher 2 makes sailing easier and more fun. Not only can you use it for sail trim, but on a single charge, you can hoist someone up your mast several times. The Ewincher can even be considered “safety equipment” since it can be used to hoist a MOB out of the water. This is a huge plus for shorthanded racers and cruising couples.

Ewincher charging options

The Ewincher 2 comes with a handle, battery, 12-volt charger, 110-volt charger and 220-volt charger, winch handle pouch, and a carrying case. For heavy users, a second battery is an optional purchase.

The Ewincher 2 has three operating modes: Electric for effortless winching; Manual like a classic winch handle; Combined, where you turn the handle while the motor is working for increased hauling speed. The high-efficiency lithium-ion battery will last all day and recharge in 1.5 hours via 12-volt or 110-volt charging. The handle is waterproof (IPX6 Certified), so you don’t have to worry about rain and high seas splashing aboard. The Ewincher2 is much less expensive than upgrading to electric winches, and you can use this handle on any winch aboard your boat.

A True Ewincher Story

During the 2022 Storm Trysail Club’s Hands-on Safety-at-Sea Seminar, a MOB lifting line broke sending the spinnaker halyard in use up the mast. Suddenly, they had a problem. UK Sailmaker’s Adam Loory appeared with his Ewincher2. The “old dawg” instructors were elated when they quickly realized that they would not have to manually grind even a small person up the 50-foot mast. Adam and the Ewincher2 saved the day and, thanks to them, the next SAS class aboard that boat was able to take full advantage of the SAS tips being shared. In fact, the boat went out and used the Ewincher2 when practicing hoisting a MOB out of the water.

Act now to Get the Best Holiday Price for the Ewincher 2

Remember, if you order an Ewincher 2 by December 23, 2022 you’ll save $100 making the purchase price $1899 plus $75 for shipping anywhere in the United States, $100 to Canada. This holiday season, give yourself a Solution so, next season, you’ll have one fewer Problems. Click here to buy the Ewincher 2 through the UK Sailmakers secure online store.

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Adam Loory
Adam Loory

Adam Loory is a lifetime sailor, who worked as the General Manager of UK Sailmakers International for 34 years. He is based in Port Chester, NY and regularly sails his custom Rodger Martin-designed 40-footer Soulmates on the Long Island Sound.

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