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When the new sail you’ve ordered is delivered, you expect it to fit your boat properly right out of the bag. Unfortunately, in too many instances this just isn’t the case. To make sure the sail you receive is the sail you ordered, most UK Sailmakers lofts are now using a powerful digital sail-design tool to insure your sail will fit perfectly the first time it is set.

BSG Development’s Sailcom electronic sail order form and project viewer allows your UK sailmaker to input the measurements he’s taken of your boat and rig and digitally display the recommended sail in 3-D. This ensures that the luff and foot will be the right length, that the leech isn’t too long, and that the reef points and spreader/stanchion patches are in the right places. By rotating the 3-D image of your boat and sail plan, you can get an accurate, graphic view of how the new sail will look when set. Even if we don’t get all the boat’s measurements, Sailcom can create an accurate graphic representation of a proposed sail.

In addition to the fit reassurance Sailcom offers, UK’s detailed technical sail construction standards have been programmed into our version of the program whereby we can display our various laminate and tape styles. Patches, battens and reefs are also shown in place.

After capturing and presenting your proposed sail, Sailcom transfers this data seamlessly to SailPack, the industry’s leading sail design program. By combining SailCom with SailPack, your sailmaker, UK’s sail design team, and you the customer have a powerful “all in one” tool at your fingertips that will deliver accurate information about the size, shape, look and fit of the sail before being manufactured. The direct interface between Sailcom and SailPack also prevents the transposing of measurement data as the numbers are delivered to the sail designer.

In the end, UK Sailmakers delivers to you a well-designed, well-made, and properly-fitting sail that will bring you seasons of satisfaction and sailing enjoyment. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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