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Meet the YouTube Stars of “Odd Life Crafting”
at UK Sailmakers | New York 
10 Midland Avenue, M-4, Portchester, NY
Saturday, February 22 from 4 pm to 6 pm

Duca and Roberta are coming to the UK Sailmakers New York Saturday the 22nd to meet their followers, talk about their cruising plans, and work with UK Sailmakers to develop a sailplan to suit their strenuous cruising plans. You’re invited to meet this pair of Brazilian 30-Somethings who have become YouTube stars through videos chronicling their total refit of a steel 44-foot sailboat that was abandoned for over 22 years.

Over the past eight months, Duca and Roberta have posted weekly updates on their progress and have generated hundreds of thousands of followers. Their sailing fans have watched as they and their contractors have:

Repainted the hull and deck, 
Rebuilt and repainted opening ports and hatch covers, 
Re-welded their rudder post, 
Rebuilt an engine that they don’t really know the last time it was started, 
Replaced thru-hulls
and the list goes on and on. 

They plan to sail around the world and document their travels on social media as they have their massive refit. With a special charm and on-camera chemistry, Duca and Roberta have made their weekly 15-20-minute videos addictive. To view their videos, go to YouTube and search: Odd Life Crafting. Here is a link to their latest video.

While at the loft in Port Chester, Duca and Roberta will make a presentation about their boat, cruising plans, creating successful social media videos, digital video production and more. Come join UK Sailmakers New York for a beer and meet this terrific couple, hear about their hard work, find out their plans, dream with them and learn about how to spread the word to the world. 

Let us know you’re coming by emailing us at:
The presentation will start at 4pm.

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