Tune in to the latest episode of the Lessons Learned Podcast series by UK Sailmakers featuring special guest Marie Rogers, a trailblazing figure in the world of offshore racing and advocate for diversity in sailing.

As the skipper of the Alan Andrews-designed 56-foot sailboat, GOOD TROUBLE, in the 2023 Transpacific Race, Marie Rogers is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion and determination shine in her dedication to fostering diversity in the sport through many endeavors, including co-founding the Offshore Sailing Outreach (ORO) non-profit organization.

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She also discusses working with Sylvain Barrielle from UK Sailmakers San Francisco and members of the UK Sailmakers LA loft in the sail preparations for the 2023 TransPac race.

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GOOD TROUBLE Image and Clip Credits: Marie Rogers, Betsy Senescu (Ultimate Sailing), Sail Sport Talk

John Lewis Image Credits: Steve Schapiro/Corbis, LIFE Magazine, Jimmy Ellis

Thumbnail Image Credit: Sharon Green (Ultimate Sailing)

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Get involved as a donor or participant in the Offshore Racing Outreach program here: https://www.sailoro.org/ 

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Heather Mahady
Heather Mahady

Heather Mahady is the General Manager of UK Sailmakers International. She is based on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest, and is a passionate sailboat racer, sailmaker, and sustainability advocate.

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