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Another impressive result came recently at the 2014 ORC World Championship, where Heinz-Peter Schmidt’s GP 42 NEO SILVA team earned a Bronze medal in the hard fought Class A. Schmidt and his crew had high praise for their Uni-TITANIUM sails contributing to their success in a class of 27 boats from several nations.

“The sails were incredibly light and flexible, but also stable,” said Schmidt. “The trimmer’s work was much easier because the shapes never distorted, yet they could add depth and move the draft in the mainsail in a wide range of wind speed. The mainsail weighs only 25 kg, but we never have any problems when the wind was strong. In fact, our targets had to be adjusted because we were 0.3 knots faster upwind!”

Schmidt is no newcomer to success: his last boat, SILVA HISPANOLA, won the ORC European Championship in 2011 and 2013, also equipped with UK sails. He credited his team’s ongoing success with the support he has received from the UK Sailmakers loft in Germany. 

Boats around the world are being outfitted with Uni-Titanium sails, which provide ultimate Grand Prix performance. As their owners send in reports, results and their impressions, you’ll be able to read them in future newsletters. For more about Uni-Titanium, click here.

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