Andrew and Linda Weiss’s Sydney 43 CHRISTOPHER DRAGON has been having a standout 2015 season on the East Coast of the USA. She won two distance races, was first in her IRC class at the New York Yacht Club’s annual regatta (where she won all four races and lead at every mark in all races), and she was first in IRC 2 at Block Island Race Week, where she had five firsts and six seconds. DRAGON sailed with all Uni-Titanium® and Titanium® upwind sails and blazingly fast UK Sailmakers spinnakers. “I’m amazed how my Uni-Titanium sails hold their shape as the wind strength varies,” said Weiss, “I’m thrilled that these sails look the same as they did the first time we set them over a year ago.”

The following are some other major events won by boats with durable UK Sailmakers Tape-Drive® sails, still an effective way to make long-lasting performance sails.

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