Team Rebella at the 2023 Masters’ Race Knidos Cup in Türkiye.

In the male-dominated world of sailing, a powerful force is making waves and challenging the status quo. Team Rebella, an all-woman sailing team hailing from the stunning shores of Norway, has been achieving greatness on the international stage, showcasing resilience, skill, and a commitment to breaking barriers in the sailing community to inspire the next generation of female racers.

This formidable crew, recently took their IMX-45, PHILOXENIA, to the 2023 ORC Worlds in Kiel, Germany. The offshore race was particularly grueling, with wind speeds reaching 38 knots, but the team persevered and set a new boat speed record for PHILOXENIA at 14.5 knots. Battling against the wind and waves, Team Rebella completed every race and secured a remarkable second place in the Women’s Division.


Team Rebella at Day 2 the 2023 ORC Worlds: Helene, Gunnlaug, Megan, Marthine, Nina, Karin, Ulrika, Heide, Vilde, Tonje, Kristin, Maren and Karine. Image credit: Martin Vahlbuck*

Last month, Team Rebella participated in the 2023 Masters’ Race Knidos Cup, held in the Datça Peninsula, Türkiye. They not only clinched the top spot in the IRC class but also secured an impressive 4th place overall. In a heartfelt message on their Facebook page, Team Rebella expressed their gratitude to UK Sailmakers Türkiye and UK Sailmakers Norway for their unwavering support.

The message read, “Thank you to UK Sailmakers Türkiye & UK Sailmakers Norway for their support and invitation to come and sail the Masters’ Race Knidos Cup this year. We are happy to see UK Sailmakers support more women in sailing. Team Rebella came 1st in the IRC class and 4th place overall, and we could not have won without their support and excellent sails.”

Bülent Çelik, co-owner and loft manager of UK Sailmakers Türkiye, shared insights into their collaboration with Team Rebella. “As UK Sailmakers Türkiye, we were proud to meet and support Team Rebella from Norway. We had a chance to talk with the all-female crew and understand the importance of the Team Rebella project. They challenge the established ways of sailing and name themselves as rebels in the sailing community.”


Team Rebella on the start line at the 2023 Masters’ Race Knidos Cup in Türkiye.

Team Rebella aims to challenge the stereotypes that have long prevailed in the world of sailing. Their project, born out of a desire to do things differently, emphasizes communication, teamwork, and the joy of finding solutions together. By inviting more female sailors into their fold, Team Rebella continues to prove that women can not only compete but thrive in the challenging world of competitive sailing.

Several team members began sailing with their families at a young age, and their love for the sport has only deepened with time. By interacting with the elements of nature and being in the moment, they enjoy the freedom sailing provides. Regatta sailing, they explain, has honed their tactical skills, emphasizing the importance of choosing the correct sails for competition.

UK Sailmakers 0110

Team Rebella onboard IMX-45, PHILOXENIA. Image credit: Christian Beeck

Through this extraordinary opportunity, Team Rebella extends their gratitude to UK Sailmakers Norway and UK Sailmakers Türkiye, cementing the importance of their mission to support and empower females in sailing. As they continue to navigate the open waters with strength, determination, and a rebellious spirit, Team Rebella stands as an inspiration for aspiring sailors and a testament to the transformative power of breaking barriers.

For those eager to follow their ongoing journey, Team Rebella shares an insider perspective with enthusiasts on social media. The team’s Instagram account, @team_rebella, and Facebook page, @TeamReballa, offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their adventures, victories, and the camaraderie that defines their unique approach to sailing.


Team Rebella at the 2023 Masters’ Race Knidos Cup in Türkiye.

Heather Mahady
Heather Mahady

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