UK Sail Design

UK Sailmakers uses powerful computer modeling and analysis programs to design race-winning sails that will hold up to the strains and stresses of the race course.

Sail design is no longer the work of artists. There are a handful of power computational tools to help sail designers develop fast shapes and the sail constructions that will hold those fast shapes over their designed wind ranges. These tools also make sure that an individual sail will power a boat well in conjunction with the other sails that will be flying at the same time.

Flying Jib BSG.jpg

UK Sailmakers designers use leading edge sail design programs like BSG's Sail Pack, SMAR Azure's Azure Project and UK Sailmakers' proprietary AccuCut design program.  All three create virtual 3-D molds that can be digitally sliced in to two-dimensional panels that when joined back together re-create a full size version of the designed mold.

Left is the 3D rendering on a Light No. 1 genoa for a Santa Cruz 50. Right is the same sail flying on the boat. The draft stripes are virtually identical.

UK Sailmakers designers work in conjunction with the group's head designer Pat Considine of UK Sailmakers Chicago. Pat has years of experience sailing everything from IOR 50-footers and One-Tonners to Farr 40s, Santa Cruz 70s and TP52s. When a loft in the UK group needs sail designs for a high profile project, Pat gets the call.